Техника Александера: Первый урок
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The Alexander Technique: First Lesson


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Alexander Technique - a method invocation to correct posture, for violations which, according to the author's methodology, there may be numerous diseases.

The technique was developed in the XIX century, the Australian actor Matthias Alexander (1869-1955). Once he realized that the loss of voice, which he sometimes suffered from the scene, depending on the position of head and neck. Change this situation, he healed. In the 12 lessons he taught patients to get rid of a bad posture, re-training them to properly use his body.

Relieve neck and head

Franz Matthias Alexander - Australian actor of Shakespeare's theater - has created its system in the late twentieth century. It happened by accident. He often lost his voice for no apparent organic cause. Then the actor was carefully watching a mirror in front of the tricuspid. This went on for nine years.

What Alexander discovered? It turns out that the voice is lost because of Stranglethorn head movements back and down. The actor has to deal with it and totally got rid of laryngitis. But the easing of pressure on his neck had a positive impact on his entire body. So Alexander thought about creating a system that would preserve a perfect, balanced relationship between the head and spine.

Alexander showed how to use the body in everyday life. A lot of people wrong and inefficiently do when moving or, conversely, are at rest. Our habit to keep the body not only has an impact on our physicality, but in a sense defines us mentally and emotionally.
A prerequisite of free and natural movements, according to Alexander, is the limiting tensile spine. But in this case refers to its natural draw up. That's the sign formula: "Free your neck to give the head to move forward and upward."

Natural adaptation

However, it should be borne in mind that the system does not involve muscle activity as a means to achieve the desired result. Pupil tries to give the body to naturally and automatically adjust to the desired position, while there is a repetition of the concentrated formula. During the session worked out movements that reproduce our normal locomotor activity. Balance between the head and spine free from physical stress and times, improves the line positions and creates better coordination of muscles. In the same way as if the head and spine are related is not entirely correct, there are clamps, distorted lines of the body, disturbed coordination of movements.
This work, of course, requires training. The therapist has the ability to see the different blocks that hinder the free movements of the body, he anticipates those movements that involve unnecessary, excessive stress. Thus patients learn during activity or rest operate an integrated, assembled and efficiently. During the lesson on the system of Alexander students usually sit, stand or walk. It is also expected "work at the table." Pupil lies in the hands of the teacher feels the energy flow, which extends and expands the body. He feels the freedom and spaciousness in all bundles.

The Alexander technique was particularly popular among artists and dancers. It gives a significant effect in the treatment of some injuries and chronic diseases.



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