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Chinese National Chi Kung Institute Correspondence Program Full Lectures


This precious, extraordinary and extremly rare program include ebook with nine (9) levels graduing Chi Kung learning and practicing progress even for highest level Qigong Masters.

Also there is 10 VCDs ( three collections of VHSrips) in this collection production by CNCKI.

(Chi Kung, Chinese Energetic healing, Chinese Qigong therapy, Chinese yoga, internal Qigong, Kiko, Qi Gong, Qigong healing) Chinese form of self-healing whose purported aim is to "stimulate" and "balance" the flow of qi (chi, "vital energy") through meridians ("energy pathways").
It involves contemplation, visualization (imagery), assumption of postures, and stylized breathing and body movements. "Gong" is a Mandarin word that pertains to skill. Its Cantonese equivalent is "kung," as in "kung fu." The word "qigong" literally means "breathing exercise," "to work the vital force," "practicing with the breath," and "working with the energy of life." Interpretations of the word include "energy skill" and "energy mastering exercise."

Qigong practice is recorded in hieroglyphics 7000 years ago, and in Chinese books 3000 years ago. This philosophic, meditative, and postural discipline evolved through the efforts and exploration of many practitioners and masters. In ancient times life could be difficult. Our ancestors had to work hard to provide for themselves and their families. At the same time they had to learn how to care for themselves. They had to be self-sufficient and hardy in order to not only survive, but also to flourish. They developed Qigong practice to keep themselves in harmony with the universe, in good physical health, and in a state of peacefulness. In these simpler times people lived closer to the earth. They arose, worked, ate, and retired in concert with the sun, and the moon. They planted, and hunted according to the dictates of the seasons of the earth, and the constellations. They had the time to observe the simple miracles of life of their fellow creatures, not just humans, but animal, insect, fish, and plant life. So it is that they became aware of their interconnectedness with all of these elements of the universe.
Follow the tree of Chinese healing disciplines to its roots and you'll find an ancient practice called chi kung. Also called qigong, this broad practice of working with one's life force is thousands of years old and the great grandparent to Chinese acupuncture, t'ai chi, kung fu and other disciplines. Chi kung promises health and long life, and like all mysterious practices of personal power and longevity, it is rapidly becoming the next big thing on both the holistic and chic-American scenes.

To define this mysterious practice, start with the name: "chi" means life energy, "kung" means to cultivate. Thus, chi kung roughly translates to "cultivating life energy." Low-impact movements such as Horse Stance and Flying Goose are a good introduction, but to completely understand the practice and its more than 7,000 postures and thousands of techniques, a lifetime is required. The practice in total involves endless combinations of movements, exercises, meditations and energetic intentions.

Chi kung is rooted in Taoism, the philosophy of being in alignment with the natural order of things. It is divided into internal and external practices. Internal chi kung is the personal practice of working with one's life energy; external chi kung is more of a clinical application, practiced in hospitals in China, where masters use acupuncture and energetic treatments to heal others.

The predominant practice is internal chi kung, which, according to MacRitchie's book, is like a tool box with a perfectly forged set of tools for eight life applications: fitness and sports, martial arts, health and healing, sexuality, longevity, extraordinary human abilities such as fine-tuned awareness and perception, spiritual development and immortality-the practice of preparing the energy body, or spirit, to continue when the physical body dies. The main idea is that these eight categories are rough subdivisions of the overall life force and can be cultivated individually and collectively through the practice of chi kung.

In the West, trained practitioners are good starting points for private instruction. But because no Western certification system exists for chi kung, choosing the right teacher can be tricky. It would be difficult to find a master if you're just starting out on the path to chi kung. According to the tradition, true masters never reveal themselves. But that doesn't mean you can't find an excellent teacher and learn enough about the practice to make a difference in your life. As MacRitchie says, "The simple way to know if you have a good teacher is if you are getting results."
Once you find your path and teacher, chi kung does promise results in the areas of health and longevity. Scientific studies on chi kung at the Shanghai Institute are finding that the practice can help lower blood pressure, improve heart function, reduce the risk of stroke and premature mortality, and improve sexual function and overall well being. In fact, Eastern findings are so compelling that they have piqued the curiosity of the Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine at the National Institutes of Health which, last year, allocated $500,000 to study the health benefits of chi kung.

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