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 Заголовок сообщения: Self-Treat Muscle Spasm Chain Reaction by Warren Bilkey, MD
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By Warren Bilkey, M.D.


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Meet the Author:

Dr. Bilkey is a Physician and Board Certified specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatrist) with over thirty years of experience working with individuals who have chronic pain conditions. In addition to his medical education, Dr. Bilkey has had training in Manual Therapy techniques, Osteopathic Medicine, behavioral management of chronic pain, and admits to have learned much from his own injury pain experiences.

Introduction page 3
Chapter 1. Four Examples of Pain From Muscle Spasm Cain Reaction 5
Chapter 2. Test Yourself 15
Chapter 3. How it all works, Muscle spasm, Physiology, & Treatment 45
Chapter 4. Treatment 54
Chapter 5. Why the Serratus Anterior Muscle is Special 102
Chapter 6. Empowerment, Energetics and Personal Growth 107


Self-treat Muscle Spasm Chain Reaction is about a new concept in pain. It’s what this book is about: how to know if you have it, and what you can do to cure it.

Muscle spasm chain reaction is an unrecognized yet common cause of difficult pain conditions - those that don’t get better with medical and chiropractic treatments.

Muscle spasm chain reaction can cause pain almost anywhere in the body: headache, back pain, neck pain, chest pain, pelvic pain, abdominal pain, even pain that radiates into the limbs.

It turns out body-wide pain can result from a simple cause: a chain reaction of muscles going into spasm, starting out with a few peculiar neglected culprit muscles.

When you know how a problem develops, you can control it.

Fortunately, in this case, the control and the cure can be done at home through deceptively simple self treatment procedures.

The foundation of this book lies in my medical specialty training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. But more than that, the book arises from years of trial and error experience working with patients whose needless pain and suffering outlasted everything modern medicine, surgery, and chiropractic treatment could throw at it.

Years of post specialty training in alternative medicine and in chronic pain management have taken me, perhaps unfortunately, a long way from standard medical education.

Straying from tradition and the usual way of doing things has opened the way to a new perspective, and a new treatment for difficult pain problems.

This book is arranged in six parts or chapters.

The first chapter covers four case histories from my files, which are representative of the nature of pain problems my patients have had, and have overcome through successful treatments based on the muscle spasm chain reaction concept. Each case was a failure as far as “routine” health care is concerned. The pain problems of these four people cover pain from the head to the toes, chronic and acute.

Chapter two reviews the essentials of a brief selfexamination to learn if the concepts of the book apply to you.

Chapter three covers muscle spasm, pain radiation from muscle to distant body areas, how you can know muscle from nerve pain, and what muscle spasm chain reaction is all about.

Chapter four covers treatments to break the muscle spasm chain reaction; treatments that can be done at home without need for drugs, therapists, or doctors.

Chapter five discusses the special physiology of one peculiar muscle which is the key to the chain reaction phenomenon, the principle offender. This may help you understand a root cause of your problem so you can control the condition permanently.

The final chapter relates the concepts of this book with the newly accepted tenants of alternative medicine and personal empowerment.

Read on!

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