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Заголовок сообщения: Anatomical Atlas of Chinese Acupuncture Points - Chen Jing

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Anatomical Atlas of Chinese Acupuncture Points

Chen Jing


This atlas is intended to provide a concise reference for those working in the fields of combining Chinese traditional medicine with Western medicine, research work as well as clinical therapeutics. The relationships between acupuncture points along the channels and human anatomical structures can be studied directly by means of perspective drawings of anatomical dissections and surface measurings of living bodies. The classification of points is based on the classic theory of channel system knowledge of medical anatomy.

There are 100 illustrative plates and pictures included in this book of which 77 are coloured. They fall into three categories: the first part deals with the courses, of 12 channels and 8 extra channels (Mai) points on such channels, locations and indications. The second part emphasizes the relationships between familar points and their relative anatomical structures. Points of auricular acupuncture and their indications are in cluded in the third part. Thus it is hoped to be useful for both the clinicians and the research workers.

Hardcover: 265 pages
Publisher: Shandong Science & Technology Pub (October 1988)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 7533101731
ISBN-13: 978-7533101732

PDF, 34.4 mb

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